Before the vaporizer, before the dab rig, before the bubbler, there was the TokeMaster.

Conceived in the Summer of Love (1967), the TokeMaster isn’t just another acrylic water pipe; it’s a piece of history. It’s the original acrylic water pipe is half the weight of glass and 20 times stronger. Name another that endured as much as the Tobacco Master can. At Uncle Sam’s insistence, the name has since changed to Tobacco Master, but every unit is still made from the same heavy duty, cast acrylic and every inch of it, all the way down to the brass hardware, is made right here in the USA.

It’s a vestige of nostalgia. It’s the bong for anyone with a clumsy bone in their body or just wants a pipe they can abuse. It’s the TobaccoMaster, FKA the TokeMaster, and it’s still the king of acrylics, now 54 years and counting.