9" TobaccoMaster Downstem (for a 9" TM Pipe)

9" TobaccoMaster Downstem (for a 9" TM Pipe)

$ 10.00

Broke Your Downstem? This is the place to repair it!

Be sure to measure your pipe and order the correct downstem, if you have a 9" TobaccoMaster, you'll need to order a 9" downstem.
DON'T measure the downstem, measure your TobaccoMaster pipe!


All you need is acrylic sealant and a hair dryer or heat gun. Use the hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the sealed portion of the downstem. If you're using a heat gun, be patient and don't use the hottest possible setting. Once it has loosened up give it a little twist and pull and it should come right out. When you have the original stem out dab some sealant onto the inside cut part of the hole- not too much. Then once you have the stem where you want it let the sealant set until completely dried. It will be good as new!
Be careful, someone sent me a picture and they melted the tube itself - the heat can be too intense if you don't pay close attention